Monday, September 18, 2006

10 Minute Story

Trailing through this nice little village with a video camera brings us forth to a little house that is currently the most interesting thing to see here so far. There actually is a birthday party and the kids had their games and balloons, there were cakes, hotdogs, and whatever food kiddie birthday parties would offer. As far as it looks, this is another ordinary and happy birthday party, except for the fact that the clown looks sweaty and his hands trembling beyond grief. This is not his first time to go perform a birthday party, but the story here is slightly more complicated.
It was already reported to the clown the little “issue” the birthday boy currently has. The issue is, he and his friends just realized that there is no such thing as Santa Claus around 5 days ago, and that never mixes well with kids for quite some time. The discovery apparently happened when the child told his dad that he saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, aside from him pinching her ass. This of course, made the father laugh, as he was the Claus in disguise, but he did not say anything to the child, who later presumed that mommy kissing strangers is ok after all. And thus, he might as well report that his mom has also kissed the milk man, the post man, and the dad’s brother, who visits 30 minutes after he leaves for work. This would, of course, upset the father who later had a bitter argument with the mother, which, in the process, got the mother so angry as to take revenge to the child and blurt out that Santa Claus was played by dad, who is now living elsewhere as he refuses to live with the same “kiss-all-bitch” in one house. The mother, feeling guilty, though, threw a birthday party for the child to make up for all of the stress a 5 year old should not have in the first place, this plan took place 5 days ago. Now, the same level of stress focused its potency on the clown’s hand.
Turning our story away from here, we are reminded of a similar story somewhere not so far away, when a dentist also had hands this shaky while he was about to perform a tooth drilling operation on a middle aged and nervous woman. He just had to get one more espresso than the recommended dosage to stay awake. 5 espressos can actually screw you up in the head.
The same head which is malleable, like plastic, it evolves, like all brains out there, it learns to put more importance on what it knows well, and further depth on what is familiar. What is familiar is something that has happened frequently, the frequency gives the brain an assumed confidence, that based on all previous trends, the consequence remains constant. A person who fears snakes, but is slowly being taught, through slow but increasing pace, to approach the snake, and then touch it, and then carry it, and then play with it, will lose his fear in time, but it requires repetition and imprinting of a new data or information in a more constant and magnified manner. This is the main reason why advertisements are being repetitive, and that phrases are created, it sticks in the mind, and puts priority over everything else. The brain loves habit, because it knows the outcome, it loves monotony due to its predictability, thus ensuring you are still alive after performing the said task.
What does this have to do with the above story? Nothing, but you can just imagine how many visits that middle aged woman will need to the dentist after seeing a dentist with a shaky hand, nor will the story of the dentist who had 10 espressos and drilled a lawyers tooth, who is now very much fearful of lawyers the way the lawyer is fearful of the drill, but the lawyer will always be willing to take another chance, after all, he did make a good month’s fortune suing the dentist.
As for the clown, he screwed up the balloon animal which looks more like a snake trapped in a knot desperately trying to look like a dog, and TV shows have already shown all the tricks on how those illusionary magic worked. This is just not their day.
What else is there to say about their day? As far as it goes, the only person happy in this entire story is the lawyer, and not everyone seems to be in favor of the ending, but that is how life works after all, it might not work out as you wish, but it is rather interesting and educational.

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