Monday, September 18, 2006


Sitting alone overlooking the beach at one point in time, a man, of whose age has brought countless stories over the decades peers into the glass, reflecting on what would have been a discovery he did not realize all of his life, until now.
In its strange grace, like blessing, did sand exist. For all its simplicity and abundance have we taken it for granted, yet sand has evolved man into new strides beyond of which we would never have attained.
In its very first essence, sand has provided us the needed durability for shelter, one of the basic needs of man for survival. Without which, we would not have had a more stable abode.
To its second evolution came glass, glass has then evolved from being a mere reusable form of container into lenses. These lenses, made out of sand, magnify the universe and thus make our story visible within the comprehension of our eye. Now, we can peer into the outside and appreciate the glory of infinity, see neighboring planets and stars above us with the materials found below us. In its strange point, sand was once considered the smallest matter in solid existence, and has now brought forth an unimaginable view, as it has brought sight of both the universe and our own world.
The third evolution has come through the heart of all computers and electronic product. Silicon, derived from silica, sand, has brought machines practically responsible to a whole new way of information and discovery. Computers have enhanced our understanding of life, and our means of self-discovery and improvement. These machines focus their purpose and life to computing and evolving. It teaches us more about us as we make them more like us. In the idea of creating a mirror do we start to see ourselves better.
The fourth evolution, fiber optics, has instilled a very essential new web in the lives of billions, communication. Through the use of fiber optics has communication become so efficient and the dispersion of information more widespread. Our knowledge has spread its wings further through the bounty of the land.

Sipping through the cool glass in this mild morning sun, the man offers a toast to the ground, realizing that many of life’s greatest evolution is from resources abundant.

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