Monday, September 18, 2006

Silent Conversations

Here was a conversation that has transpired through the use of mental telepathy with the assistance of eye and lip edge movements. While others look at two of these individuals as couples smirking and flirting with each other, a rather intellectual conversation transpired between a man and a woman.
The man, Clive, in his mid-thirties, sits on a chair three tables away from Mandy, a woman in her early thirties. They have both been good friends for quite sometime and have found that this distance makes things more interesting in their conversation. On the other hand, again, it is a very disturbing sight for everyone else who notices this and wonders why Clive is not even making his move for the past hour.
“Where have you been all this time?” Inquired Mandy, to which Clive replied “To the more poetic venues of whose scenery is conducive to conversation, my dear. After all, nothing could be sought off to develop one’s motivation to be inspired in the field of philosophy and such in a venue filled with loud music, inconvenient seats, and overpriced drinks. You do remember I need my nectar to get into the dream state.”
“Should it matter that your venue be conducive? Less progress has been made by people native to these venues, dear. Ever considered that what is more important, therefore, is deprivation?” Quipped Mandy on a starting challenge to Clive, who tried mental telepathy on the waitress to follow up his order, and unfortunately got her to just mess herself on her underwear. The waitress, now embarrassed, wondered how she just decided to let go a mess on her underwear out of nowhere, and is now suspicious. Clive gets back to the conversation with the “drunken eyes” effect and states, “let us agree to a combination of both. If you look for it, you will cherish it when you see it, and let inspiration drive you, but you may also write about what you dream of, and what could be more colorful than what you don’t have, for you crave for it, and dream it, and describe it in its very detail and core.”
Mandy accidentally strayed her eyes and saw a customer’s shoe, which then decided to stay in place rather than moving, causing the customer to trip and wonder why his foot did not move that instant he ordered it to. He now joins the waitress who is looking around more like they are looking for magical elves without even believing in their existence.
“Getting off the poetic scene discussion”, stated Clive, “Today I have stumbled upon a concealer at work in one of the many everyday workplaces. He deceives and conceals what is supposed to be there with something else.” Mandy inquires with her eyes and accidentally stares at another man behind Clive, causing his drink to spill all over his food, when he had no intention whatsoever to do so. Mandy continues that look of inquiry as there are now more people becoming suspicious of a haunted café.
More of Concealers
Concealers work in some of the more interesting places. They take what is deemed worthless and shine it up a bit, adding more to what is there with words and color, adding music and smell, to overwhelm the senses before it sees any fault in what is in front of them. They do their work well on cars as car salesmen, or in insurance. They live everywhere and received inspiration from make up artists. They can be seen in movie effects, model ramps, and even clothes stores. In its sense there is no sin, as in the end without their wallpapers the wall is bland, without their touch ups the table is worth nothing, and without their speeches a good majority of religions won’t exist. They probably might be useful for something after all.
Going back to Clive, Mandy, and the disaster they are causing to the café with their accidental mental telepathy and eye and lip movements. The coffee is starting to cool when Mandy narrates on monotony.
“Ever been in airline and stare at the step by step procedures a stewardess has to do before take off, during the flight, and landing? Yet many people want to be in her shoes for the opportunity to fly. Just like in many things that we dream of becoming, there are actual monotonous movements and habits that happen day after day. It would be no wonder for a person to lose their mind if they do have any in such situations. If you can think, it will want to keep on evolving, and if it is hindered, it will nag, and when it nags, it will choose extreme measures to make itself heard, just to get a breath of fresh air. Anyway, that is another story, a long story, I have to move before they realize it was all us causing this disaster”.
And move they did, but people did discover it was them all this time, as while everyone either messed their underwear or other clothing, or fell for no apparent reason. They were both intact and smiling. Of course, someone had to make sure they join the group, and extended his foot in front of their path, making it suspiciously dangerous for any incoming client to even consider taking a seat in this café.

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