Monday, September 18, 2006

Terminal Thoughts at Ten in the Evening

The day has weaved its way through the memory into a mere dream, collected and kept in a chest inside the mind. Reflections and transitions flow tonight with an interpolation of experiences gained and compiled. As work has done its due tonight along with the sun, and the moon is on its height to inspire with its beauty, the mind conjures its poetry in courting its muse.
It is ten in the evening and this side of the world has become silent. Void starts listening over what is to come, what is to exist. In reality though, it has already existed, it is only to realize of its existence that excites.
Through the flow tonight poets clear the way of the day and leave it all void. The mind needs space to display its vanity. Colors shine throughout and music plays its sweetest tone. Nothing gets sweeter as transition occurs. The shift in framework on what the mind will now work on focuses on pleasure. Pleasure of the senses that sparks curiosity on what would have been unimaginable is now imagined.
It is important that the venue be conducive to thoughts. External surroundings and its effect on different senses should be looked into. Any minor disturbance will pervert the mind into focusing on said disturbance. The external surrounding has to be least obstructive.
Tonight’s show focuses on prioritizing transcendental thoughts. In all that is most enlightening and pleasurable, spiritual excursions and reflections do have the highest rating.
And nothing would be more feasible than spiritual thoughts before the whole transition. Proper terminal thoughts would indeed create a better foundation for the upcoming dream, the real journey.
As in all terminal thoughts, reflections of the day weaves through with dreams, for which the day has now become a part of.
And in every second, everything is collected in the memory, as time passes, it gets recorded and kept. These will be the vital ingredient for something most wonderful, and the world will be waiting.
Thus done, it would now be time to shift to dreaming. The day is done, and now the night will reach its peak. Assured will be that the moon is watching us and our dreams together in the same journey. Sleep tight.

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