Monday, September 18, 2006


It has been almost five years since our hippie friend has decided to move into a tree house type of place in a province herein a 3rd world country. Nothing in his own country pleased him after the 70s Flower Power. Up to this date, in this present time, our friend has still dreamed of coming up with vehicles that run on hemp instead of fossil fuels. Everything revolves around hemp, fire, and Indian music, which has, unfortunately, changed into the worse/Western as he would term it.
Sitting in his little hammock, a little light trying to peek through a small opening in the window awning is noticed as it hits the glass bead curtains, causing a strange yet natural array of rainbow on the rough, sandy floor. Our tree hugging friend stares at it in a daily appreciation of nature and its wonderful beauty, until he sobers up from whatever he was smoking and proceeds to his computer and write for tree hugging magazines.
Looking through the world as if our eyes are staring through a Kaleidoscope can be very trippy. Everything is not exactly what it looks but it is either awesome for some as it is annoying for others. End of the day, no one will exactly have the same view. The day that Kaleidoscope is realized and taken off, either we will like or hate what we see. Strange enough, we have heard of these people who have professed taking scopes off. They can give some of the most amazing description of what is out there. Question is, are they for real man? Or are they bluffing. They are like the government man, all lies and shit. Uncle Sam is keeping us in the dark man and distracted with all these material stuff using Mother Earth’s resources. It’s heavy tough man, not fair on the soil we step on and the wind we’re breathing. They’re all different now man, all heavy and uncool.
And it may definitely be said by some of his readers, who did buy computers too and all its packaging. How these hippies can totally eradicate pollution is one story, but them being the safest drivers on the road after a little session is another. His VW Flower Van has more dents than a man who hasn’t paid the Italian mafia on time. He prepares the van for the next trip through town to sell his hemp shirts in the market while professing the evils of government. Not much progress has been made, and there is the utter confusion on saving the whales who ends up eating little fishes as it actually goes against the speech on big corporations eating up little mom and pop stores. They haven’t found vegetarian whales either, as the plan to grow apple trees underwater did not work out as planned.
And yet in truth to some of his speeches, as the world is indeed beautiful in little Kaleidoscopes and their distortions. We have indeed decided to keep ourselves distracted consciously or unconsciously with the strange shapes and colorful lights in this little tube. It seems to be a bee on Shrooms and Prozac in this world after all, enjoying the lightshow of things passing by.

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