Monday, September 18, 2006

Mirror Dreams

“I couldn’t sleep, but I don’t want to wake up.”, a reply from a sane man, a man of intellectual capabilities amidst the normal audio of a peaceful bar. In front of him, a colleague, intrigued as his intellectual stature may be challenged by what he may hear next.
“I keep seeing a mirror, with my image, shattered to pieces, but with it was the original state of my picture, fallen down but maintaining the fidelity, like a jigsaw puzzle, waiting to be put together, before my image is revealed, before I can realize who it really was.”
“Shattered all over the place, shattered in thousands, tiny broken pieces, large pieces, all of them depict my last reaction on the mirror before it shattered.”
“And what was that?” An inquisitive reply from his colleague, who later realized it would have been best to remain silent. It would be best to listen, with his drink at hand, probably a Martini perhaps, but it would be hard to conclude, as they can all look the same from the outside.
“That was more of a stare, an inquisitive stare. Just as I was trying to comprehend myself, it all broke into pieces. I still try to comprehend the symbolism, and in the process, I needed to wake up, to analyze the whole situation, but my waking up, I couldn’t see what happens next, as it was all happening in a dream.”
“Taken down along was who I was, who I really was. It was hard to comprehend, but I was in a state of confusion. As I was awake, trying to sleep. I was trying to go through the whole situation, but I also was trying to analyze”
“Along came me trying to sort out the different mirror sizes, all with their own sharp edges. I was bleeding, really bleeding, but I was still sorting. For maybe the whole clue was in there after all, the clue I needed was to be revealed when all the mirror was put together”
“Bleeding and staining the mirror pieces. Putting them all together and cleaning them up. I still didn’t finish, but I will try to finish it later.”
“Finish it later?” a confused looked dawned upon his colleague who, decided it would be best to get another drink.
“Finish it later. I brought the frame, I marked the large pieces by number on the back of the mirror and sorted them out. It will all make sense later on, you’ll see.”
“And this is a dream right? You were trying to comprehend a dream that you got obsessed upon, and that is indeed strange.” Moving towards the table, the colleague became serious, “Listen, it was all a dream, and its meaning would probably confuse you, but I do feel curious and amused to your logic, why go through the whole pain and illogical sense of sorting your dream?”
To which the dreamer replied, “I feel my purpose is to put that mirror together and remember what I looked before it shattered into pieces. Strange as it may seem, but however distorted it looks right now, it connects to each other, it makes sense. It will only bring me my enlightenment once I have put it together.”
“And what do you plan to do once it is all complete? What do you plan to learn?”, inquired the confused colleague.
“I don’t know yet, but I will shatter it into a million pieces after”, replied the dreamer.

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