Monday, September 18, 2006

One Fine Day in the Market

Through a pyramid glass
Goes the sunlight
And its reflection, the rainbow
A spread of colors…
And to see that in it is an infinite array
Of colors in gradients, colors invisible to our eyes…
To see the comedy in divine grace
To the blessed goes the glory
To the blessed goes the glory

And the line reverberates on and on, as an old frail man plays on a necklace of wooden bead on the table, making shapes of anything, out of sheer boredom. He looks over the crowd of passers.
To the blessed goes the glory
And through the crowd stands out a thin, young man, curious, but passive, his slight pause throughout the crowd got the attention of hawkers and fortune tellers, just like our dear friend above.
To the blessed goes the glory
“Have your fortunes read, my friend, fame and riches might actually be in your way!”, replied our fortune teller character. The thin man smiles and stares away in disinterest. The old man, in knowledge of his craft, tries to convince, “To understand the future is to prepare the present for a better plan, and to prevent whatever ill might happen my friend, come now and sit.”, and the thin man smiled, replies in through the synchrony of the old man’s mind “To the blessed goes the glory”, smiles and looks away.
The old man, surprised at this, walked towards the thin man, in curiosity he seek to discover how did the thin man read the old man’s mind, in synchrony to what he said. Before he can reply, the thin man merely smiled and said. “To the blessed goes the glory, my dear friend, and in its very mystery, the future of self is but irrelevant to that of the future of the infinite. The strangest story can only be discovered and kept, it is then given to others the details on how to discover this story, for the journey in itself to discovery is part of the story, and as the journey gets closer, the story gets complete, upon which once discovered, all you can do is smile.”
“For the story is but mere humor, to which all you can do is smile, in its simplicity and the journey one has to travel to understand the logic behind can only be the reason we all remain curious. They who have discovered the story are smiling, and are still smiling, understanding the whole logic behind. You will find some of them anywhere and everywhere, even in mental asylums.
To the blessed goes the glory
And then walked away the thin, smiling man, towards the bus he was waiting for. The old man goes back to his chair and plays with the wooden beads necklace, in its next shape he discovered the story, and in its story he smiled. To the blessed goes the glory.

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