Monday, September 18, 2006

Another Alien Sighting

Subject 9542: Mr. Roland M. King. Claimed to have seen an alien in his backyard fixing up the yard before interrogating him in their spaceship. Apparently did a bad job in the cornfield with the rake and left some strange mess (known as crop circles). Subject due for interview on verification of sighting and complete description. Subject is a Protestant church member with no traces of hallucinogens in blood and urine tests. MRI scan is also clean but there are chances of some slight disturbance as his location lacks any entertainment. Client is seen to have been watching programs on Extra Terrestrials and might have a good chance of influencing him into perverting a possible dream into a reality. A further probe will be conducted.
With an excerpt from a report above, this would definitely not be the first time Dr. Smith has to interview another person claiming to have sightings of the third dimension. Facing the field of Mr. King, a regular farmer with an old TV, Dr. Smith takes Mr. King to the dining room and conducts the interview. Everyone in the house is now told to keep out. Being that Mr. King is a farmer with an old TV that breaks down once in a while, he would tend to have a lot of children.
“Mr. King, you claim to have seen an alien in your front yard”
“I have, as what I have reported”
“And he was cleaning your yard?”
“He wants to hide the evidence”
“People like you I guess”
“But what happened to the cornfields?”
“They messed it up, I guess they’re not good at fixing cornfields”
“Describe this alien to me” in a more bored voice, Dr. Smith feels this is one of those days again.
“He’s got some weird upside down egg shaped head. Tall and rather skinny, he seems to have some slight difficulty holding up his head with our gravity being different and all”
“Let me guess, he is green with large eyes?”
“Nope. He’s got those slanted Chinese eyes and his color looked like Mahogany”
“Have you kept the lid of that can open for a long time?”, inquired Dr. Smith, looking at a can of varnish on the side of the dining room. Mahogany colored aliens is rather the first time he has heard it.
“No Doc, I am not dreamin’ stuff up. He was real and I can tell you he was smart and all, like a computer. He was just curious with all this summer stuff we do and all. I had to defend why we all like to go to the beach”.
“And why was he curious about us going to the beach?”, now in a more curious tone. Dr. Smith is waiting for a story to laugh about. This can prove, in a way, that in some circumstance a farm boy will come up with some tall story with redneck words that would blow off the cover. Mr. King now narrates.
“He saw me, and waved his hands. I waved back and this alien approaches me. He holds my hand and looks up to this little bright light in the sky. I just saw things change in front of me. In one second. I was up in some space craft in a room with a window facing Earth. It was a little worrying and all as I thought he was going to get one of those alien whatnot and stick it up my behind. There was a chair and I was asked to sit down. In front of me was a figure and he started asking me
- Mr. King, are you comfortable? May we assist you with anything?
- I am all fine, but what is all this stuff about?
- We just have a few unsettling queries Mr. King. We’re pondering over your Earthly rituals.
- What rituals? I am a Protestant, all others are weird to me too
- Not religious rituals Mr. King, we have answers to that. We have already talked to the Dalai Lama, the Pope, and all others. They don’t seem pleased to be here though, and some of them seem to have lost their faith once they came up here. Odd enough, they all seem to cover their anuses for fear of us doing some tests. Rest assured, we don’t spend our time or be curious about putting things inside anuses. Your humanoid counterparts seem to have a strange fetish over anuses and found it rather interesting to talk about it. We suspect they were invented by a group of army or prison personnel. Who else would have such an interest. We are interested in your so called vacation, Mr. King. Kindly explain to me why your fellows find it amusing to pack a wicker basket with cooked food that will be brought along to what is called a beach. We cannot comprehend why would they want to go through congested roads for hours, scour different places for parking, and find a small area in this beach. What could be so amusing about covering oneself or musing over silicon chip raw material also known as sand, in the dreaded heat that causes regrettable skin peeling, or having to spend on sun block and consume topically and stay under the sun. They try to build a non-habitable sand castle near water that will wash it off, try to write something in the same place. And frolic in liquid not suitable for human consumption. This liquid, known as water, is also the same liquid where humans and sea creatures relieve waste in. This would also be the same liquid being mixed with incompatible foreign objects such as fuel from boats and such. What is to be gained from all this but a false mental illusion of peace and relaxation. Mr. King, does anyone in your planet have any logical explanation for such irrational choice of behavior? Doesn’t all the above defy what should be considered filth, crowd, hassle, and noise? Couldn’t there be anything more productive?
- Mr. alien, sir, I am just a farmer and everyday I watch my cornfields grow. I might not be the best person to answer but this is the best I can say. Being away from the daily chores with people you enjoy being with can help make life worth living. Working like a horse, as our phrase, would tend to make things stressful. More than fulfilling our purpose, we also want to appreciate the most basic and primal of everything, and that would be nature’s grand creation. While sand is indeed raw material for glass and computer chips, it also can serve a therapeutic and calming purpose when rubbed around the body. The waste products of animals, which makes the sea salty, can also be good for the skin. Moving around the cool waters in the midst of the summer heat gives two extremes we all enjoy to play with. The sense of relief does help a person’s body to relax better and let go of stress. Building sand castles and writing on sand expresses ones creativity and distracts the mind from everyday work. We tend to focus on creating something and the immediate sense of achievement can help a person’s mind feel the happiness of fulfillment, even for a short time. It is a mentally therapeutic venue, an excuse from stress. Sometimes you have to change your environment to forget work. As anything that reminds of work can burn a person out. This little recharging activity helps a person feel refreshed and work even further. How can we go the extra mile if we’re too tired to walk? We have to sit, relax, and gain some energy before we can run again. And this is a very important function for everyone.
- Thank you for your comment Mr. King, we will take note of that and review other comments. Thank you for your time”
“And then I was zapped back into my front yard as if nothing happened. I swear doc, I defended beach vacation”
Dr. Smith found the story impressive, from a farmer, this was a very logical outlay of words and reason. At one point, who knows, Mr. King might have actually met a mahogany colored alien with Chinese eyes who want to get an opinion from a farmer. Then again, why would aliens want to know what a farmer thinks, given that his formal education has been limited. But let us not forget that watching that cornfield grow can give someone enough time to reflect and ponder on ideas. Being too busy to reflect can sometimes lead us to become blunt. These aliens, if they do exist, did make a wise choice after all.
“Thank you Mr. King for your time, we will keep you posted”
Subject has been interviewed and needed report has been made, possibility of hallucination from varnish being called for consideration and possibility for sighting. While the farmer’s story seems too logical and advanced for his education, subject still has the very ability, like other humans, to dwell into broader fields of life and philosophy. More investigation might have to be conducted to prove or disprove sightings.

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daniel taylor said... i have kept this a secret for 32 years and i dont know who to talk about it to. i am sure there are alot on here that are fool of it. buti have a storie to tell and proof trust me i thought one day the fbi or somthing would come by but didnt. i was the age of 12 when it happen there were other people there when it happen. how would people handle it. if they new it was trew. about alien life forms. as a boy of 12 i wanted to die. becaus i was scared to death of what i seen happen. yes i am going to say it yes there are aliens. and trust me i am sure as soon as i open my mouth some one is going to be giving me a ring. what would you do if you had a secret like this to tell. i lived in the country of ohio when it happen. and trust me we all wanted to die when we saw it and it feal like the end of the world and we couldnt breath. we were so scared i still at night think about it after all these years. i meen what are they going to do to me if i do say somthing are they going to treat me like the x file movie thats wy no one ever said a word some one did call the base and ask if they had a crash and they said no and said it was a balloon that was in the air not they are just liers and i got the proof i cant beleav i am going to say somthing after all these years trust me we all coverd our tracks when it happen i still till this day no egsacly were it is baried at if some one would like to talk to me about this you can reply to i am not looking to make money of this but to just get it over and move on in my life i know it going to turn the small town i grew up in up side down