Monday, September 18, 2006

Logic as seen in a microscope

It is the first time to be put inside a mental asylum. With all logical hope of explaining squandered to mere simpletons in proving the case, there is nothing left but to stare at these walls.
These walls, staring back with their padding. Always being watched, even when isolated, with its false sense of security sarcastically surrounding as if it is a bubble from reality, protecting the occupant from the outside world, or is it the other way?
All that can be done is stay fuming mad and walk around the room remaining fuming mad. Mad at all those who still refuse to understand, mad at all those who get in the way to the final solution to the mystery, the needed answer, or a corrected guide to a map misguiding the rest.
But to what point does it make sense to stay fuming mad? If this ill-temper will help resolve the issue of being comprehended, then it is an efficient and purposeful action that will deem the results needed.
Otherwise it is a mere waste of time and energy. Energy which, by the way, everyone is wasting away.
If an average man burns a certain amount of calories getting pissed off, which is an equivalent to a cup of rice (an example as a very least amount burnt, although there would be more proof that more is consumed in a lifetime), and 6 billion people got mad, that would mean 6 billion cups of rice wasted on being angry without solving any purpose. We are such wastrels.
Pacing helps in thinking, thinking will bring back logic which might actually point to the following.
Insanity is a disorder in the brain in which one notion, logic, or emotion has gone dangerously off the chart of what is considered normal, and can thus cause harm. This imbalance is typically caused, surprisingly, by a good chain of events bringing a person to the state of insanity.
In some cases then, we are consciously or unconsciously involved in making someone who he is, a person whose logic or emotion going out of normal balance, with a possibility of causing harm not only to himself but to others as well, with the perfect notion and thought that he is indeed correct.
This could also mean though, that anyone who has ever harmed others or themselves to be justifiably insane.
But the insane person apparently has built a logic we cannot deem as normal and straight-lined. They apparently have books and books of different cases from several personality to God knows what.
And it might also be our fault they got there. Just listen to the psychiatrists. It all occurred due to an even in that person’s life that tipped the balance off a bit.
Everyone is insane, but to a certain extent. These are the same people who we cannot reason out to, and end up with the most extreme ideas. Unless of course it is us who they cannot reason out to either, and has thus caused the conflict.
But we cannot seem to accept that, could we?
And here comes the arguments, the fights, and we all end up in our mental asylums.
Our little rooms, the bubbles that protect us from reality, or reality being protected from us.
As resolutions are now being chosen, waiting and hounding that sarcastic wall, the world is listening. If only they knew what they did to put us here, staring at the window with that air of disgust over society and its influence to everything. We are all insane who hide in rooms further making us insane.

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