Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shadow Cat Excerpt

I wish to introduce to everyone a very interesting excerpt of the book, Shadow Cat, by Reena Jacobs.

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Reena Jacobs - Author of Lots of Words

Placing one paw on the trail, Berani committed herself and stalked at an unhurried pace despite the desire to sprint. She caught sight of the human lying haphazardly over a fallen tree. Crouched low, she fought the slight vertigo which overcame her at the grisly sight floating above the hapless human.
A penanggalan-the jinjang's minion-the cause of so many illnesses and deaths amongst her people. From the neck, a stringy mass of veins drooped and suspended disemboweled organs. The lungs deflated, and a vapor drifted from its nose, saturating the air with a vinegary stench. A long proboscis-like tongue slithered from its mouth and undulated like a snake as it lapped the back of the human's head with a revolting slurp.
Berani drew back her lips, and low rumble formed in her belly, growing louder as it traveled closer to her throat. She opened her mouth, and the roar vibrated through the air. Animals startled from their tree perches and crash through the branches to the ground.
A hush overtook the forest as the penanggalan swiveled to Berani. A visage of breathtaking splendor and femininity faced her. Ruby lips stood in bold contrast against skin so milky white and pale, spider veins shone beneath the translucency. The red eyes glowed like a torch in the darkness-the soulless pits a mockery against the beauty.
The bodiless atrocity levitated higher. The long black hair whipped about, catching the wind to keep the creature aloft. Its features distorted as it opened a mouth full of jagged sharp teeth and released an ear-piercing scream which sliced the night.
Berani folded her ears flat against her skull, trying to block the damaging sound. Even so, the muted screech echoed in her head.
The creature rushed her with a hiss, its maws carnivorous, and hair streaming behind like a trail of black smoke. Stooping low, Berani braced for the attack...


Reena Jacobs said...

Many thanks, Haresh! :)

Reena Jacobs said...

Many thanks, Haresh!