Wednesday, July 06, 2011

An interview with Reena Jacobs

Today we're blessed to be given time by a notable author, Reena Jacobs, on her book, Shadow Cats.

1. Tell us more about yourself
I absolutely love grilled steak. I've gone through phases where I've eaten steak on a daily basis, and I've still not grown tired of it. The day I look at grilled steak and say I can't do this anymore is the day the world comes to an end. Seriously. Steak is totally my thing.

2. Tell us more about the book you are promoting?

Shadow Cat--the first book in the Striped Ones series--heavily based in Malaysian folklore. Shaman, wehr-tigers, and penanggalan demons! Oh my! A blurb anyone?
Eric Randall's plan is simple-fix the mess his researchers have created in Malaysia, experience the pleasures the country has to offer, and return to the comforts of America. All it takes is one beautiful aborigine, and Eric finds himself stranded in a world of Malaysian myths and legends.
A novice shaman amongst her people, Berani is free and independent. Yet all is not well in her homeland. Demons prey on her people, pushing them to extinction. When a strange speaking man invades her forest, she has one more worry to add to her already troubled life. Attraction or no, she will fight Eric tooth and claw to maintain her freedom. But will she destroy herself in the process?
If Berani wishes to save her family... if Eric wishes to reclaim his old life, they must stand together against the threats of encroaching wehr-tigers and bloodsucking demons... or perish.

3. How does this book describe you? How does it express your thoughts?

Tough questions. Hmm... My love affair with Shadow Cat... I'm not so sure it does describe me. However, readers will find aspects of my personality in some of the main characters (Berani, Eric, and Bryan).

4. What similarities do you find between yourself and the protagonist?

Eric and Berani, Berani and Eric. I'm probably more similar to Berani than Eric. I understand her need to stand strong when threatened and her need to resist being controlled yet wanting to give up control at the same time.

5. What about you do you see in the antagonist?

In terms of the external antagonist, we have a bodiless demon (the penanggalan). Yikes! I can't say I identify with the demons in the novel. Although, I have some times when I lose my head and go ballistic, so my husband might point out a few similarities.

6. What music most appropriately suits your book?

This might seem odd, but I can't concentrate with music playing in the background. It's a huge distraction for me. I find myself concentrating on the lyrics, singing, and sometimes even dancing instead of writing. Shadow Cat was written in almost complete solitude and quiet, so I've never really thought about Shadow Cat in terms of music. I will say that I was on a Phantom of the Opera soundtrack kick at the time. Perhaps the dark, edgy, excitement of Andrew Lloyd Webber would suit Shadow Cat.

7. What values do you wish to impart through your book?

I didn't write Shadow Cat with the intent to impart values. However, the novel does promote the conservation of our natural resources in the rainforest. Also, my works tend to have a strong female theme. Though women are typically weaker physically, I like to show women as strong in spirit.
Reena Jacobs is just your typical writer who loves to see her words in print. As an avid reader, she's known to hoard books and begs her husband regularly for "just one more purchase." Her home life is filled with days chasing her preschooler and nights harassing her husband. Between it all, she squeezes in time for writing and growling at the dog. You can find Reena on Ramblings of an Amateur WriterAmazonGoodreadsBarnes & NoblesSmashwords, and Twitter.

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