Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bloodletter 3 day Giveaway!

We have been blessed by Angel Haze with her 3 day giveaway. Kindly visit and use the coupon code ZH78U to get the book for free


Thou shalt not kill.

A contradictory message written in blood at the scene of a young woman?s murder. Within days, another body surfaces with a similar calling card and, to Detective Ramon Faust and Criminalist Kelly Garret, it?s clear a deadly game is underfoot.

As the rash of horrific crimes continue, a phone call unearths a shocking revelation: Nakeita isn?t the first city the elusive killer has left his mark. The Bloodletter, as dubbed by the media, has played his deadly game before.

Delving deep into the most terrifying case of Kelly?s career, threatening phone calls and flashbacks of a forgotten near-death experience challenge her sanity and the lives of everyone she loves.

Bloodletter is available on Amazon and Smashwords for $0.99.
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About the Author:
I'm a Canadian author who is an avid reader of fantasy, thriller, and mystery novels. I write both fantasy and thriller novels. My free time is spent dancing, fitness training with P90x, watching movies and Game of Thrones. Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch is co-authored by my husband, Slade Sewell. Slade grew up as an only child, and, therefore, developed an active imagination. His free time is devoted to the three things he loves most: hockey, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and RPG games.

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